Some quick tips to care for and clean your gold jewellery at home!

Some quick tips to care for and clean your gold jewellery at home!

            Jewels are meant to shine and sparkle to perfection!  If you are a jewellery fanatic then don’t you feel your fineries must be kept in a top-notch condition?   If “yes”, you are on the right shore along the coast!  Having dealt with gold jewellery & gemstones for the past 55 years, we wish jewelry lovers are benefited with some quick tips to care for and clean your gold jewellery.  Specially meant to protect your precious jewelry items to keep them away from a lackluster condition!  Don’t miss to read further!

Gold Jewellery Cleaning Tips

            Every piece of jewellery tells a story, right?  But when they deteriorate with time, it hurts your emotions right?  Having this situation unavoidable, it’s better to learn some quick gold jewellery cleaning techniques at home!

·         Mix a few drops of liquid soap solution / mild shampoo in 1 litre of warm water.  We ask you to use liquid soap because it dissolves easily without any remains that gets accumulated in your jewellery designs.  Soak your jewels for 15 to 20 minutes and use a strainer to drain the water.  Just rub gently with a baby toothbrush having soft bristles.  Wipe it with a soft cloth.  That’s it!  An easy method to give care to your gold jewellery.

·         An occasional method when your jewellery is too old would be Ammonia treatment.  Ammonia mixed with water in the proportion of 1:6 would be more advisable to dip your jewels for just a minute and immediately take it out, rinse with warm water and wipe it to see them truly shining and sparkling! 

·         Shimmering Soap Nuts are nature’s gift to clean your jewellery!  Just soak 5-10 soap nuts overnight in water.  Then use this water (just like how you used liquid soap solution) after filtering the soap nuts to soak your jewellery for 1 hour.  You can even leave it for some more time as it does not affect your jewellery.  Now, rub with a soft bristles and rinse again in water to wipe with a soft cotton cloth.  This is the best natural method of cleaning gold jewellery.   


Gemstone Jewellery Care Tips

            Your intimate, cherished and treasured gemstone jewellery that keeps your heirlooms scintillating for generations to come are the priceless riches that needs to be cared more!  It’s enough if you follow these simple gemstone jewellery care tips from your Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore.

·         Excessive heat or a sudden temperature change may fracture your gemstones.  So avoid exposure to ultra-violet radiations.  Thinking how?  If it is a ring you are wearing then turn it towards your palm when you are out roaming for a long time.  A pendant can very well be tucked inside your costume.  Earrings can be hidden with your free-hair styling.  Now you got the point? J

·         Keep your jewels away from everyday chemicals like chlorine in a swimming pool, ammonia in cleaners which is ok for the gold but harsh for the gemstones embellished on it or even hairsprays, lotions, perfumes and other cosmetic items which can damage your favourite, lucky jewellery.

·         Better to avoid using any ultrasonic cleaners on your own.  Some gems may crack easily when using it.

·         Wiping your gemstones with a soft cloth dipped in dish wash soap solution is a best option.  Then wipe it again with another soft cloth dipped in clean water.  Dab and dry before using it.

            Apart from all these cleaning tips, intact jewellery storage is the most essential.  Just get rid of habits like throwing or tossing your jewels into your drawer.  Keep them safely in a fabric lined box or fabric pouch to avoid any moisture content retention.  Use a jewellery box in which there are separate slots for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants.  Use a separate case to carry jewels while you travel.  You can even visit us for a check-up or professional cleaning of your jewellery once in 6 months!


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