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GARIMA BRACELET - கரிமா கை காப்பு

Garima means ‘grace, divinity’

Even before history was started to be written jewellery was a part of human life.  A colored pebble made a jewel those days.  But now, the rarest of gems, metals, stones and crystals are crafted into alluring jewellery pieces for the women of today to enjoy using.  Whether it is your forehead, nose, ears, neck, fingers, wrists, ankles, waist or upper arms, for everything there is a jewel that you can buy and enhance the looks of your outfit. 

            This is a pretty, chic bangle type beads bracelet that has gold balls looking almost similar to a kada, bracelet and a bangle satisfying all your requirements.  An all-in-one jewel purchase is only a few steps away from Abiraame Jewellers.  You can get the cute, stone beaded custom bracelet delivered the same day from us if you stay in Singapore.  Ping us @ +65 91669909 for more details.

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