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Heart Shaped Abacus Bracelet

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CHAITHANA BRACELET - சைதனா கை காப்பு

Chaithana means ‘perception, intelligence, vigour’

            This abacus bracelet is made with moving beads.  It is a heart abacus lock bracelet that is carved out from 22k yellow gold making it cover your wrist in a classic way.  Wearing abacus bracelet gold attracts more wealth and is preferred mostly by business men and women nowadays.  Make your graduations, anniversary dinners and official lunch more special with this abacus row bracelet which is formal and more impressive amidst your peers.

            This abacus bangle will be something you can cherish forever and adds on to a sentimental value when you wish to hand it down to future generations as an heirloom piece.  Heart bracelet has its own demand and when that is combined with an abacus bracelet, there is more hype.  Buy a gold abacus bracelet online @ Abiraame Jewellers to get it delivered at your doorstep.  


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