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Rolex Bracelet Gold

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Product Weight: 23.28

SABESAN BRACELET - சபேசன் கை காப்பு

Sabesan means ‘victories’

            Men always like to style up more naturally but a piece of jewellery can add up to match his style or personality.  It should also blend naturally with his versatile casual looks and give the right kind of rustic feel.  A popular style among men is to wear bracelets and the rolex model bracelet has its real respect amidst a men's team of jewellery lovers.  

  Whether it is a warm summer day or a winter meet with your friends, pair up your formal and informal clothing style with this gold rolex bracelet to keep up your status quo.  When there are no written rules for fashions, you can make your own personal style of your choice and be happy with the right kind of accessories though a man.  Buy online from Abiraame Jewellers and be happy with your choices.


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