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Screw Bangle Designs

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QUINCY BANGLE - குவின்சி வளையல்

Quincy means “like a queen”

            Just before you become a queen, on your dream day, the decoration plays a very important role.  There are thousands of guests who just come to see how you join hands with your partner and take the vows for the rest of your life.  They not only see that but also how best you are dressed up and the jewellery you wear.  Now comes the selection of the right kind of jewels from head to toe.  And your wrists cannot get a better option than these screw bangle designs which are adjustable if you are a South Indian bride. 

            Screw bangle is always preferred by brides because whatever be their size of wrists after marriage, even if they grow a bit fat or thin, it suits them as it can be adjusted.  Not only that but screw type gold bangles come in broad designs and it fills their hand, so it becomes a right way to get dressed when you are newly wedded.  It may be a party or a get together or an invitation to your relatives’ home for a lunch or dinner, you are expected to be decked up with the right outfit and accessories, isn’t it?  So, this screw bangle bracelet suits the best.

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