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Diamond Stud Earrings

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KAIRAV EARRINGS - கைரவ் காதணி

Kairav means ‘white lotus born from the water’

            Brilliant diamonds that are finely engraved in a circle shape as a bead on top of a lotus which truly captivates your eyes with artistic excellence.  Our mesmerizing pretty diamond earrings which add sparkle to your life’s memorable moments is the highest moving design in diamond earrings amidst those floral fandoms.  

Ready to welcome home the April birthstone - Diamonds?  Rare, durable and stunning diamonds available at Abiraame Jewellers!  Designed with an aesthetic sense this floral diamond stud earrings embellished with seven stones will reflect your contemporary style!  So pick it up and make it yours!  Order online from us to get the original and certified diamonds in both open and closed settings as per your choice!


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