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Gorgeous Ruby Emerald Diamond Necklaces

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KARISHMA DIAMOND NECKLACE - கரிஷ்மா வைர அட்டிகை


Karishma means ‘A Miraculous Gift’.


            The beauty of the stars is now translated into this divine jewellery!  Yes, they are the fantastic fusion of diamonds woven to make a gorgeous necklace with signature-cut rubies and emeralds in between. 


            Enormous diamond necklace from the famous Indian Jewellery, Singapore gives a new life to your neckline. Let your festive shopping commence with these sparkling beauties and just wrap your neckline with elegance. Exclusive diamond jewellery is the perfect way to start something new and make it your own as it is a blend of pure perception and quality. 


            Abiraame Jewellers offers you an unmatched latest collection of internally flawless diamond jewellery that delights you every time you adorn it. The studio ambience you can fall in love with again and again. Buy this alluring design right now at an amazing price! 

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