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DANIKA PENDANT - தனிகா பதக்கம்

Danika means ‘morning star’

            Diamond pendants or charms or lockets come in a variety of stylish designs.  But have you ever wondered why you should wear diamonds?  Then the reason is because diamonds are considered to strengthen the qualities of planet venus.  So as per your zodiac sign if it is needed you should wear it.  Especially white diamonds have a sattvic nature and hence preferred mostly by wearers.  Diamonds are of great value and make the beholder rich plus it also attracts prosperity.  Diamonds hold the top position among all other gemstones as they are bright, hard and scratch free.  The several million years taken to form diamonds from carbon atoms under intense heat and pressure makes it more precious.  

            A beautiful diamond charm in a half moon shape with a small plant-like structure engraved with those precious stones looks pretty awesome on your chest when you wear it along with a collared t-shirt and jeans, doesn't it?  You can buy your favorite custom diamond pendant, diamond initial pendant, diamond pendant set or diamond pendant mens from Abiraame Jewellers of your choice.  


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