Chandbali Earrings

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DAIVYA EARRINGS - தைவ்யா காதணி

Daivya means ‘a divine being’

         A floral, stunning Chandbali earring to make you look fascinating and alluring! A lovely design which you cannot afford to miss wearing for a wedding or a family party! A skillfully carved 22kt yellow gold gorgeous divine earring which is embossed with “snowy white, dazzling green and pretty pink” stones that is eye-catching, isn’t it?  Stone Kundan Chandbali’s primarily frames your face; giving you a sense of identity that make heads turn wherever you go. These exquisite pieces of jewelry are suitable for weddings or any other rituals, matching with swinging lehengas or silk saris, etc.… Divine jewelry designs make the celebrations Cheerful and make you look elegant & traditional.

              It’s a traditional antique jewelry originated during Mughal or nizam emperors in Hyderabad, the southern part of India. Chandballi literally means ‘Moon earrings’.  The ethnic, royal touch & wellness is the main theme of Hyderabadi Chandbalis.  ‘Wellness channels divine energy’. Hidden divine energy is a vital part of the human body, which lies between our skins to inner morality and our sakthi comprises mind, intellect, emotions, vital senses, conscience, and all other senses.  Temple decorations pictographically represent a country’s status whereas temple wear earrings are pictographs of a women’s status. If you agree to this and wish to be the limelight, buy this latest traditional jewelry in Abiraame jewelers Singapore.

           An elegant statement earring which forms an "all-time favourite" for you telling great stories every time you use them making memorable. big. wondrous moments more precious for you to cherish! This pair of earrings is a must-have jewellery piece to mazimise your beautiful outfits and to enhance your personality. You can visit Abiraame Jewellers for all those stylish fashionable collections to add a sense of style to your dressing or make an order online by just adding to cart and relax while the jewel is delivered at your doorstep.

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