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Fancy Enamel Earrings

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PRARAMBH EARRINGS - பிரரம்ப் காதணி

Prarambh means ‘starting’

Are you a sky lover? Are you a naturistic person? Then this is your piece of jewellery that makes you happy from the inside.  Touching your personality dressing becomes a must but there are different social situations which require different attire.  Still you have to match the occasion with your personality.  Clinging attention in social events becomes a must but this pair of enamel earrings will do the job with ease for you. 

The sky blue and white enamel flower is a mild color and makes your outfit bossier when you have to do some public speaking, it is the best to wear.  The enamel flower stud earrings perfectly fit for the business dinner, job interview, religious ceremonies, cocktail party, public speaking or weddings too.  Buy it online from Abiraame Jewellers here.

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