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Fancy Long Earrings

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VAISHALI EARRINGS - வைஷாலி காதணி

Vaishali means ‘fortunate, who has everything, long life, goddess Lakshmi’s another name’

            We expect occasions and simple reasons to get dressed up in life.  But when the real party comes, you need the right kind of fitting and classic style dresses and accessories for which the preparation should be on a normal basis rather than quick selection on the previous day and managing with only what you have at hand.  We at Abiraame Jewellers help you to add one layer of elegance to your ensemble by presenting you the best of designs when it comes to fancy long dangly earrings in gold. 

            Fancy jimikki kammal designs are also there but they may seem old fashioned for the alpha, beta, gamma and delta women of today.  But these drops will surely make sense to your wonder filled collections of fancy gold earrings.  They are a combination of the regular models of two or three designs making it look posher and more beautiful on all women who prefer to amp up their looks.  Order online and get the most out of it for your partying mood preparations. 


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