Gorgeous White Stone Earrings Gold

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AAMPAL CASTING EARRING - ஆம்பல்காஸ்டிங்காதணி

            Aampal means ‘water lily’ 

            A mini-mandala art from our Ana collection is this white-stone earring from Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore.  It incorporates spirituality in your everyday life by uniting with the cosmos and bringing up a sense of connectedness with your own self when you wear them.           

            If you wish to remain the same you are with respect, self-esteem and bossy then you must not miss this special piece.  Matching with the fashion-cycles that is dynamic, fusion always would suit you and make you red carpet ready.  This is a prismatic flower earring made of 22KT yellow gold and makes you look the charm of the day. 


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