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Shree Ranjani

Jhumka Earrings

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NAVYA EARRINGS - நவ்யா காதணி

Navya means ‘worth praising’

            The geometry and architecture around the world play a significant role in artistic designs.  These pair of gold jhumkas also fall under this category.  This is truly an innovative design that was brought to life from creative artisans of Abiraame Jewellers.  The intrinsic geometric lattices have been carved carefully in gold making it look royal and bringing a harmony to your total appearance.

            Geometry is a fascinating way to decode mystery in our life’s and this is clearly done in this jhumka earrings designs.  When olden day architecture is inspiring jewellery, how come this gold jhumka design can go out of your eyes.  We blend artistic designs with our brand to make aesthetic classic pieces of jhumka earrings gold.  Enjoy wearing our collections as usual.

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