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NASEEMA TWIN MANGO EARRINGS – நசீமா இரட்டை மா காதணி

Naseema means ‘a piece of cool breeze’

            An earring that has captured interwoven twin mangoes with a simple white stoned drops!  The droplet looks like a mango sprouting via a seed, isn’t it? Mangoes being very dear to lord Buddha, it is believed that he used to meditate in the serenity of lush mango groves.  A positive adaption to brain and vein happens!   Mangoes were not only exchanged as a token of gift during those days to show your diplomacy but they enhanced sociability too.

             Women Love Jewelry as it gives them self-confidence and also enhances their beauty.   Mango gold earrings will elevate your beauty and compliment your dress giving you grace.  Mango is the “king of fruits” and a mango design gold earring is the queen of the jewels!

            Reach us out @ Abiraame jewellers, the best gold shop Singapore, to grab the pretty mango gold necklaces also which you can pair it up with this latest model earring.  Kerala manga mala designs are very much important in their weddings which also we have in plenty of variations suiting your needs.  Add luxury and class to your wardrobe by purchasing this jewelry.

              An elegant statement earring which forms an "all-time favourite" for you telling great stories every time you use them making memorable. big. wondrous moments more precious for you to cherish! This pair of earrings is a must-have jewellery piece to mazimise your beautiful outfits and to enhance your personality. You can visit Abiraame Jewellers for all those stylish fashionable collections to add a sense of style to your dressing or make an order online by just adding to cart and relax while the jewel is delivered at your doorstep.

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