Peacock Fancy Stud Earring

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QUEENIE PEACOCK EARRING – ராணி மயில் வடிவ காதணி

            Peacock earrings in Indian jewellery are more than ornaments. They are a cultural statement. What better way to flaunt your ethnicity and your fashion sense with this unique blend of the modern and the traditional than wearing these Peacock model earrings in gold?  Indian jewellery is incomplete without the auspicious motif of the peacock.  These Peacock model earrings in gold are a definite buy for those who cherish the culture of India. Beautifully set in a circular floral design, what makes these vintage peacock earrings trendy is the elegant filigree work on the peacock feathers. The body and the crown of the peacock have enamel work on them. This also makes this Enamel Peacock Gold Stud a favorite of the youth. 

             The peacock is symbolic of many things. For the lovers of beauty, these majestic birds occupy royal status; their beauty and the rich colour of the birds is unmatched. For a nature lover, the sight of the peacock dancing in the rain is one of life’s memorable moments. For the devotee, the peacock is the bird of Lord Muruga or Karthikeya and is entwined with the blessings of the handsome young God. For the lover of Indian culture, the national bird is a reminder of patriotic pride.

            On the whole, the peacock design is guaranteed to be special to everyone. Everyone has a reason to love the peacock. Order these 22 K yellow gold enamel Mayil Earrings today from the most auspicious family Gold shop in tekka Singapore, Abiraame jewellers. Worried about how to buy gold online? Abiraame jewellers have a trusted and secure online transaction policy to help you buy your choice gold earrings in Singapore. Order now!

         An elegant statement earring which forms an "all-time favourite" for you telling great stories every time you use them making memorable. big. wondrous moments more precious for you to cherish! This pair of earrings is a must-have jewellery piece to mazimise your beautiful outfits and to enhance your personality. You can visit Abiraame Jewellers for all those stylish fashionable collections to add a sense of style to your dressing or make an order online by just adding to cart and relax while the jewel is delivered at your doorstep.

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