Pearl Stud Earrings

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AIR HOSTESS EARRINGS - ஏர் ஹோஸ்டஸ் காதணி

         Doesn't it seem like the beauty of a full moon captured in pearl, gold and stones bedecked to make you look gorgeous and awesome like a pretty princess / angel? A pearl of wisdom and purity besides your ears to add charm to your feminity! Wear it and bring all positive vibes towards you.  A versatile earring that gives you a poised, serene look & brave mind!  This glamorous big pearl earring for daily wear adds the necessary charm and elegance to your look.  It also has a descending-pyramid which signifies a greater degree of intensity and depth in your thoughts. This is the perfect fit for a woman who needs a bossy look and best to be worn while you attend conferences, meetings, business discussions, interviews, etc. 

          If you are looking for a pearl set, pearl bracelet, pearl bangles, pearl necklaces or pearl earrings then Abiraame jewellers Singapore is the right choice to get original pearl gemstone.  Pearl ear studs are feathery earrings; launch them on every travel to feel more light and comfortable! Moti earrings are like mermaids fave accessories! Original pearls and modern cultured pearls are in a wide variety of colors. The most familiar colors are white & cream, Black, grey & silver are also fairly common, and the palette of pearl colors extends to every hue.  Original pearl earrings leads to an emotional balance, powers up nerves, calms down your stress and gives innumerable benefits.  Wearing pearl gemstone ensures happiness in the life by eradicating all fears too.  Acquire this fabulous pair of earrings that you won’t ever want to take off giving you an air-hostess look!

            An elegant statement earring which forms an "all-time favourite" for you telling great stories every time you use them making memorable. big. wondrous moments more precious for you to cherish! This pair of earrings is a must-have jewellery piece to mazimise your beautiful outfits and to enhance your personality. You can visit Abiraame Jewellers for all those stylish fashionable collections to add a sense of style to your dressing or make an order online by just adding to cart and relax while the jewel is delivered at your doorstep.

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