Flower Ruby Stud Earrings

Ruby Floral Stud Earring

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SOMATRA EARRINGS - சோமத்ரா காதணி


Somatra means ‘Excelling like the Moon’


            The beauty of the moon is translated into divine gold jewellery! This radiating gold ruby floral stud earring from the renowned online gold shop Singapore is an ode to generations. Time has been running and so you are. 


            Bring in the good luck and fortune just by adding these floral gold earrings to your jewel collections. Pass it on to your loved ones and we are sure that they would treasure the value of it. Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore offer an exclusive collection of diamonds, gemstones, and gold jewellery that is exquisitely crafted with finesse to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.  This is one among that - a perfect ruby stud for a bossy woman!

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