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JESSY EARRINGS - ஜெஸி காதணி

            A flowery earring generally means covered with flowers or having a floral design, ain’t it?  But this is different!  All of us love flowers which is our nature; it’s a symbol blooming all over the world.  Predominantly you can see that earrings with flowery designs have six petals and are circle-shaped but this is a peculiar bouquet kind of gold floral earrings, with an oval-shape. Centered pink stone and a snappy three petals decorated with gold and white stones!         

            To make it modish one petal is trimmed transparent to reveal your ear magnificently.  To bring beauty to the environment, flowers are admired and used by humans, and as object of romance, rituals, religion, and medicine.  In the same way, this classic gold flower earring extends even your casual events to feast moments bringing charm wherever you are!                

            Tender these gold designer flower earrings, to your loved one as a gift and make out the trick; she wore flowers in her ear and carried magic secrets in her cheer. To revel this magic trick visit the best gold shop in Singapore - Abiraame Jewellers and redeem these stone flower earrings with you.

             An elegant statement earring which forms an "all-time favourite" for you telling great stories every time you use them making memorable. big. wondrous moments more precious for you to cherish! This pair of earrings is a must-have jewellery piece to maximise your beautiful outfits and to enhance your personality. You can visit Abiraame Jewellers for all those stylish fashionable collections to add a sense of style to your dressing or make an order online by just adding to cart and relax while the jewel is delivered at your doorstep.

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