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Necklace For Women

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VARSHANA NECKLACE - வர்ஷனா அட்டிகை

Varshana means ‘birth place of Radha’

            Fashion, beauty and jewellery design go hand-in hand.  It can be any form of art be it painting, photography, architecture, calligraphy, drawing, music, dance, sculpture, mehndi art or even mandala art, all have evolved over a period of time and this design borrowed from mehndi art looks lovely on your neckline when you wear it on those grand and special family occasions.

            Even women who cherish and adore imitation designs for their flexibility will never want to miss this mehndi art design of long necklace designs or haram designs.  When you wish to choose statement necklace designs that reflect your boldness yet giving a feminine sentiment, then this piece is an apt one to pick and wear with gaghra or lehenga or silk saree.  Order online gold harams suitable to be your apt bridal or wedding jewellery here at Abiraame Jewellers. 

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