21 Years Key Pendant

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AZAD 21 YEARS KEY PENDANT - அசாத் 21 வயது சாவி பதக்கம்

           This graceful key pendant symbolized with a number 21 acts as a key to trigger knowledge, success, self-assurance along with good fortune & good luck. Bearing in mind, gift it on any occasion like 21 birthday, graduates and achievements made by your grown up kids. Keys are empowered with magic which reveals unknown secrets or mysterious before.

             In recent days, we embrace the Key Pendant as a symbol of “endowing someone to access one’s Heart to Hearts”. Giving the “key to heart” gives a commitment & trust in the next level of family milestones or personal achievements on the new beginning of life. Today, designer key charms are considered as a symbolic wave, lavished over esteemed persons and prestigious guests for their achievements.

            When you wear this key pendant on your neck, you feel like you are superior in all occurrences! Are you ready to open the new horizons and adventures all around you? Grab this key jewelry online @ Abiraame jewellers Singapore.


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