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3D Gold Pendant

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PARAMA PENDANT - பரமா பதக்கம்

Parama means ‘the best, knowledge of truth, foundation’

            Ready to welcome the new design freedom with 3d printed gold jewelry?  Aren’t you shocked to hear that anything of your imagination can be now designed on your computer and given life in 22k gold layer by layer?  When the traditional gets boring in jewelry designs and you cannot make those great details and geometries on a small form then no worries, nowadays, these 3d gold pendant designs can make it happen.  Your preferred light weight jewelries can also be made using gold 3d. 

            3d gold jewelry is an interesting solution to bigger decorative ornaments or lighter simple pendant necklaces.  In 3d gold printing your parts can neither be hollowed nor filled as per your choice of weight and model.  Then what are you waiting for buy your favorite interwoven or lattice structures or abstract shapes of gold jewelry now in 3d printed gold form from Abiraame Jewellers @ reasonable prices.  Ping us @ +65 91669909 for immediate response from our sales person.

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