Flower And Leaf Gold Pendant

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NEHA FLOWER PENDANT - நேஹா பூ பதக்கம்

Neha means 'cherished beauty'

          Whether it is a normal event or a stylish event, the one jewellery which matches both can be a simple chain with a flower pendant decorating your neckline.  Floral jewellery collection always rules a woman's selection!  Woman tend to love both normal, natural, real and golden flowers!  When they are gifted one, then it is needless to say how much intense their affection would be on the person gifting it, isn't it?

         This stone engraved flower locket with a leaf emerging in gold out of it just captures the attention of the complete crowd to the occasion wherever you wear it.  Will you say no when someone admires your gold jewellery out there?  No, right?  It is always the dream of everyone of us to be the limelight of the show where we are present and if that happens, it is just a great feeling.  Gold always has a warm yellow colour which makes anyone love it more than the normal fashion accessories or jewels.  If you agree order online from the best online Indian Gold Jewellery in Singapore - Abiraame Jewellers!

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