Gold Fish Pendant

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MATSYA PENDANT - மத்ஸ்யா பதக்கம்

Matsya means ‘fish’

            The lovely fish pendant that is making you feel that you are the one who is the winner of life with wealth and abundance filled in your path is this peculiar jewel from the unique jewellery shop Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.  A charm that brings goodness and only success forever in your life is our fish stone pendant.  Suitable for a woman who wishes to have a baby and increases the chance and ability of fertility according to the traditional beliefs by Feng Shui.

            Have faith in some spiritual facts related to jewellery to see drastic good and uplifted changes in your lifestyle.  Trust us!  It works at many times!  Just a measure to get high on our own emotions with an external support is such meaningful jewellery collections from the best gold jewellery online – AJS, Singapore.   

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