SEERTHI PENDANT - சீர்த்தி பதக்கம்

Seerthi means ‘fame’

            How glorious and fantastic you can feel when you sit in front of the web-cam for zoom meetings with a pretty little two-tone necklace pendant like this grape’s pendant giving a peppy look to you?  Sounds interesting right?   When everything from your thorax comes under the mega focus you ought to give your best looks.  Feel good by dressing up good. There is no need for you to travel outside but dress up for yourself always. 

            The fruit may be sour but wearing a grapes pendant makes you look sweet and beautiful ever.  Try it with a thin chain that hangs around your neckline covering up the space between collars in the front making the pendant look obvious when you wear it formally.  You can also add this two-tone locket to your long chain and wear it with a half saree for traditional, family functions.  2 tone pendants always grab more attention and tends to give the posh feel.  Try it online from Abiraame Jewellers.  Also look out for beautiful gold pendant for both men and women here.

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