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Heart Pendant

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SRINAYA PENDANT - ஸ்ரீநயா பதக்கம்

Srinaya means ‘pleasing to the eyes, new beginning’

Heart locket is a symbolism of love and mostly associated with romance or to show the true friendship between two people.  It makes sense when you give gold necklaces with heart to your valentine or to someone who is yet to get closer to you but you wish it happens.  Also note that when you buy a heart pendant, it can be something like this one where there are simple carvings and decorations making it not very simple and plain.  Heart pendant necklace is an iconic gift item on your anniversary or wedding or engagement day to your better half.  It reminds her that you are someone special to be remembered always and when it is in gold, naturally kept very careful and treasured much.  Buy a gold heart pendant or locket online @ Abiraame Jewellers which is crafted with perfection for showing your true love.


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