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Lovely Ruby and Emerald Pendant Set

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UVAKAI RUBY EMERALD PENDANT SET – உவகை மாணிக்க மரகத பதக்கம் மற்றும் காதணி

Uvakai means ‘happiness’

            The best way to uplift your wedding party look is by accessorizing yourself with the prettiest jewellery designs and if there are gemstones engraved on it will you say no?  If you are not sure to buy which kind of jewellery for these special occasions fret not!  We shall guide you through the process at ease.  Pick this ruby and emerald pendant set.

            Emerald is related to Mercury and Ruby to Sun.  They both share a friendly bond and mostly used together in jewellery pieces as they bring fortune, luxury, peace and calmness in the wearer’s lives.  While rubies specially keep you motivated in high spirits in life, emeralds are believed to improve riches and finances.  When one is there and another is denied we are not happy right?  So, bring both together in your lives and attain the ultimate joy you wish for.  Order online ruby emerald necklace from AJS and you are assured of safe and quick delivery.

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