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Om Locket Gold

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SHAMBHU OM PENDANT – ஷாம்பு ஓம் பதக்கம்

Shambhu means ‘one who bestows prosperity’

            Om, Ohm or Aum is an ancient mantra which represents the infinite power.  It is the sacred sound of Hinduism and also believed to be the sound of the universe in space by the space engineers too.  It is a simple word that create a divine vibration to further energize the body chakras and especially the crown chakra and also the third eye.  In turn we get to connect with our own divine energy too.

            Wearing an om pendant in gold is a sign of lord Shiva beside you and helps to realize your own power better than before.  The spiritual jewelry items like om locket or om ring is believed to bring positivity into your lives along with added benefits like calming down your senses, relieves tension, awakens you and bring consciousness.  Order online ohm chain locket and gift it to your friends and family members too. 

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