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Om Pendants

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POOMA PENDANT – பூமா பதக்கம்

Pooma means “calm”

            When it comes to gold jewelry, charm, simplicity and finesse are the most important qualities for the global youth in 2022.  Every work is influenced by the fashion that this younger generation creates.  But some of those are who are bold explorers will seek fusion in fashion.  They are brave enough to pick something from the traditional jewelry types and pair the design to combine into a best charm like these om pendants.

            The quality of craftsmanship in Abiraame Jewellers is distinctive and harks to the flashiness of the youth too.  Yeah!  This is a trio pendant with om, Vishnu nama and swastika on it.  It is a peculiar trend to wear such trio pendants which symbolizes all three gods in one locket.  Establishing a bold touch to your personality and symbolizing comfort in your wearing arena is this lovely om locket gold.  Buy it online and use it as your daily wear to office or other occasions too.

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