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NITHIYA PILLAYAR THALI – நித்திய பிள்ளையார் தாலி

Nithiya means ‘existing forever’

            Thaali carries immense importance in the lives of an Indian, Srilankan and Nepali Woman who are married.  It’s the sacred thread tied in the neck of a bride by the bridegroom during the wedding ceremony.  It is called as Thirumangalyam in South India whereas Mangalsutra in North India  

           It is a Hindu custom to tie a sacred knot before the beginning of such a lovely beautiful bond – a wedding relationship that exists throughout a life time satisfying the principle of Monogamy.  It’s truly not the thread or the gold chain that symbolizes the real meaning of this ritual of tying thaali by the Hindus.  It’s the mangalyam which deserves the due respect that exemplify a mark of love, respect and dignity peculiar to different traditions and customs. 

              Choosing the right mangalyam worn by your ancestors is the right thing to follow in every home!  Once chosen, you have to get it well-crafted in 22kt yellow gold from experienced, lucky artisans and pick the perfect shop with thorough knowledge in this like – Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore.  Don’t miss to visit us!


          Depict your bond of love is strong! Follow the traditions set forward by ancestors!  Pick your favourite saradu with or without mugappu and personalized thaali according to your customs, practices and conventions from Abiraame Jewellers Singapore who has 55 years experience in the making of mangalyam and have tailor-made thaali for more than 5000 marriages till date.  

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