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BHAGYA POTTU THAALI - பாக்யா பொட்டு தாலி

Bhagya means ‘lucky, fortunate’

            Well-known as thaali in Tamil / Kannada / Malayalam, nuptial chain in English, mongolsutro in Bengali, mangal sutra in Hindi or Marathi and maangalyamu / mangalasutramu / pustelu in Telugu, it’s the sacred custom to wear thali by Indians.  If you are willing to know where this custom originated, then you have to look back into the history.  In the 11th century, the name “Thaali” was first mentioned in the book Kanthapuranam written by the poet Katchiyappa Sivachariar.  Later it was mentioned in sekizhar’s and Kamban’s periyapuranam written in the 12th century. 

            You can either use a saradu (Gold Chain) or manjal kayiru (sacred yellow thread) to wear a thali.   When you can get the saradu in varied designs with or without mugappu from Abiraame jewellers, the thali is very auspicious and can be got from us as we have almost 55 years of experience in the field of jewelry making and have tailor-made thaali for nearly 5000 marriages till date. 

            Thali weighs about 8 to 16 grams as per your choice.  We custom-make all kinds of thali designs made of 22kt yellow gold.  Pottu thali is round / circle shaped resembling the bindi placed in the forehead by a woman, thus giving its name.  This type of thaali is mostly worn in Andhra Pradesh either separately or along with coral and black beads.  Sometimes even a ruby stone is placed on it as per the tradition and custom of your family.  Do visit us and get benefited from the best of best artisans we have to personalize your thaali with a perfect finish.  

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