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LK002067 - AASHI LOCKET – ஆஷி பதக்கம்

Aashi means ‘queen of the family, love, full smile’


            Pretty pink with wondrous white stones that makes you gorgeous are engraved on this gold jewellery locket.  Those locket lovers out there can just be blessed and stay positive with some nature symbols like these.  It looks just like a flower blooming up with its new petals in each layer in various colors like golden, white and pink! 


            Convey a special note of love to your near and dear ones by gifting this peculiarly shaped locket from the bestSingapore gold jewellery Abiraame Jewellers.  Unlike the usual or typical designs, this locket is gaining momentum among our customers now as they all wish to stick to naturist designs.  You can also give it a try!

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