Single Gold Rudraksha Locket

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SIVAN RUDRAKSHA LOCKET – சிவன் ருத்திராக்ஷ பதக்கம் 

Sivan means ‘Auspicious, The energy of Lord Shiva’.

            Enhance your bold and dashing look with this exquisite locket from your favourite gold shop, which comes with a Rudraksha bead, capped with pure 916 hallmark gold and hanged in O – ring for easy wear. Gold is said to multiply the effects of Rudraksha and this is why it is the preferred option to wear in. It is a kind of shield against negative energies and a whole science by itself.  This gold jewellery is quite unique and is exclusively for the devotees of Lord Shiva. Buy it online from Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore and wear it over a Kurta or Paijama, and look divine, while going to a temple. 

            An eccentric form of jewellery in fashion even in present-day, isn’t it?  All you folks are interested in vintage jewellery but with a mildest modern twist in it, right?  So why don’t you select this rudhraksha pendant from Abiraame Jewellers with a fabulous up-to-date design chain and wear it on your neckline to show your manhood and valor accompanied with wisdom?  Sanctification of your mind, body and soul happens only with divine support.  This Rudhraksha locket is a right tool to purify your life and acts as a perfect shield from all negative energies causing harm to your success!  Buy the best original rudhraksha suitable for you by ordering online @ your Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore! 


            Inspirational, unique, custom-designed pendants redefining jewellery making itself can be found only at your Abiraame Jewellers. Singapore. Wearing a chain is beauty but changing the pendant according to the occasion and just give a totally charming new look at ease is splendid. ain’t it?  Make your appearance more striking, stylish and enchanting with our fabulous collection of pendants! Buy online @ the cheapest price ever!

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