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Sudarshan Shaligram Pendant Salagrama Locket

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Sudarshan Shaligram Pendant - சுதர்ஷன் சாலிக்ராம் பதக்கம்

Sudarshan means ‘good looking, weapon of lord Vishnu’

Shaligram pendant is designed in such a way that it depicts the sudarshan chakra of Lord Vishnu.  The circles that are twirling around gives the entire amount of positive vibration and goodness in your lifes.  You can even opt to buy a mala with shaligram and offer it to the almighty in the temple as a gift symbol of your righteous devotion.

            The shaligram locket can be worn near your chest or anakata chakra and is more beneficial for leaders, businessmen, politicians, doctors and professionals to attain success all through their life.  The shaligram pendant has radiant energy to absorb all negativity around your home or workplace.   Wear original shaligram pendant from Abiraame Jewellers to bring in extreme peace and prosperity in your lives along with immense protection against evil.


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