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Horse Ring

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ASUVAM RING - அசுவம் மோதிரம்

Asuvam means ‘horse in Tamil’

            If you wish to find something memorable, Abiraame Jewellers is the best place.  This is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted vintage specialty that is loved again by many people.  When multiple types of gold horse ring are available this one where the head of the horse is much better carved and fits your aesthetics perfectly.  Apart from horse ring gold we have the latest trends to all-time classics. 

            Horse shoe rings are believed to ward off bad vibes and creates a protective layer around you bringing all good luck and making you auspicious.  Gold horse shoe ring is also held to remove malefic effects of Saturn and brings good luck to the wearer.  When you wear horse head ring they serve to be an elegant adornment for every occasion and serves to be a best everyday wear. 

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