King Card Ring

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          KING CARD RING – அரச வடிவ மோதிரம்

            You can trust Abiraame Jewellers of Singapore to strike the right balance between the age-old values of purity, honest pricing, and value for money plus trendy designs. From their range of unique ring designs for men, we have a special ring just for the man who is dashing, charming and royal. This is a biscuit ring that is a perfect fit for the fingers that wield power, fame and strength.  The cards ring design is straight out of a deck of cards, and artistically coloured with vibrant black and red enamel work. The tremendous craftsmanship of this exquisite piece of artisanal jewellery is seen in the intricate design of the face and the king’s robes. Choose this king ring as a gift. It is just the right one for your special king of hearts! Long live the King!

          An appealing ring carved with a difference with tremendous efforts from our craftsman! Just picked from a deck of cards to give you a change and difference in wearing a ring!  Don't you like it the best?  Why you should wear this ring?  - To be exceptional and belong to the unusual type!  To have a majestic, appealing look! To hold a regal feel!

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