Lucky Komathi Chakra Ring

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SATHAPPAN KOMATHI CHAKRA RING - சாத்தப்பன் கோமதி சக்ரா மோதிரம்


Sathappan means ‘Lucky, Auspicious’

            Snatch your peace, prosperity, speedy growth, good luck, good health and enough wealth online from the best naturally formed shell stone, Komathi Chakra (Gomathi Shila or Cow’s Eye Chakra) gold ring from your auspicious Indian gold jewellery Singapore.  Gomathi Chakra resembles like the Discus of Lord Krishna. One side is elevated and bulging like a shell and the other side is flat and displays the design of an outward expanding spiral. The Komathi Chakra finger ring has been made in 22KT yellow gold and can be worn in any finger. With every design we hope to capture your heart! 


            The perfect ring that keeps you abreast of all the latest jewelry trends is this piece from our special rings collection to create exceptional moments in your life! You can find the latest and unique design rings for engagement. wedding. impressing your loved one or gemstone rings suiting your rashi and nakshatra - all at one place - Abiraame Jewellers. Singapore. Do browse through or visit us to discover the best of best rings available in 22kt yellow gold at reasonable prices!



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