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Mens Band Rings

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MAAHI RING - மாஹி மோதிரம்

Maahi means ‘great Earth, heaven and Earth conjoined, love, river, attractive’

            Abiraame Jewellers has a fantastic selection of mens wedding bands to choose from and remember this when you pick yours.  It’s a timeless bond that you begin and all you need is commitment towards this new life and wearing these manly bands rings becomes a must.  Only when it is not very gaudy or clumsy that you can prefer to wear it on a daily basis.  That’s why we designed a special ring that suits all requirements of yours.

            From classic to modern, we have numerous unique mens rings and your choice is endless.  When silver and platinum are also chosen to be male wedding bands, gold is simply marvelous and a fabulous choice since this bright yellow color marks a bright beginning for your life and is considered to be more auspicious than all other metals for special moments.  Order online gold wedding rings at best prices here!


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