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Yellow Sapphire Gold Ring

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JAYASHREE RING - ஜெயஸ்ரீ மோதிரம்

Jayashree means ‘the goddess of victory, victorious women’

Imagine, you have found a perfect yellow sapphire stone for yourself. It has good clarity, perfect cut shape, and size.  Yes, our yellow sapphire gold ring is made with natural gemstone, ethically sourced and high-quality 22kt gold is used to craft the same. Everybody knows rings are an essential piece of accessories for anybody and this yellow sapphire ring is ideal for modern men or women who love to wear their birthstone.

This is a kind of unique ring that is just the perfect way to gift your special one and say ‘will you be mine forever’? Gemstone ring as a gift - it is truly a wow gift and a new idea too… why don’t you try it?  Be it your girlfriend, wife or your gal pal! You know, you need to do better than just flowers and chocolates to surprise them so don’t fret, as the perfect proposal gift doesn’t always have to come with a jaw-dropping price tag it can also be gold to be cherished forever. Add a dash of simplicity to your formal proposal or gifting ways. Order now these absolutely magnificent yellow sapphire gold rings crafted with unsurpassed intricacy by @Abiraame Jewellers.


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