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SARANG NECKLACE – சாரங் அட்டிகை

Sarang means ‘spotted deer, moon, sun’

          If you are seeking to invest as well as enjoy the money mutually buying this kind of a jewel with just less than 21 grams is the right option. Any hesitations to order online from the well known gold jewellery Singapore for the past 2 generations – Abiraame Jewellers?

         A gentle breeze like design that best fits your western cocktail gown or ethnic lehengas is this flowery, harmonious necklace! It's a perfect fusion-wear and eases your thought of making a style statement!

          The open secret behind owning varied jewellery / accessory is that you can silently build fortune and add on to your assets ultimately becoming wealthy! And if that can come at the cost of enjoying the pride to own state-of-the-art. modish. contemporary. up-to-date designs or sticking to the traditional vibes – both are just great. don’t you agree? If your answer is yes. then you have come to the right place – Abiraame Jewellers. Singapore. You can find all – layered haram. bridal haram. mayil haram. globe haram. fancy harams with enamel and many more!

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