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Fish Pendant

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SRUSHI PENDANT – ஷ்ருஷி பதக்கம்

Srushi means ‘fish in Chinese’

            An interesting info for you – Koi is the homophone of another word meaning affection or love.  Nowadays, not only in Japan but Koi is becoming the universal keyword for peace and love.  It is also a symbol of mutual love/affection, genuine partnership and a eternal & blissful marriage.  Fish pendants come under the category of koi jewelry and this one is a charming fish pendant in gold that brings abundant wealth and prosperity in your lives.  You are sure to live a stress-free life if you wear this and make the positive vibes circle around you.

            Wear this fish necklace with a simple chain and trio fish locket on your neckline when you get ready from your home and go for the first endeavors in your life that are breaking points actually.  It is fabulous and is trending nowadays amidst the young crowd and you get to know how much they turn to look at you when people see you wearing gold fish earrings, koi fish necklace, fish locket gold or any other fish jewelry.  Order online here and enjoy wearing it for every new beginning in your life.

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