About Us

The only place where you get 100% value for your money is Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore. All you need to do is just come, pay and relax to buy the best jewels ever and be happy. It’s because our only aim is to make the money spent by our customers worthy enough. “Trustworthiness” is what Chettinad people are known for and we never step back from it. Moreover, we consider each and every jewel of ours equal to a child and create it with innovation. Once we give it to you, we request you to kindly take care of it for the rest of its life because it is very precious to both of us – Parents. We are being the mother and you being the father of the jewel. Thanks in advance. :D

We have empowered artisans who put extreme efforts to create artistic, timeless pieces both for your essentials and luxury which best suits your attire. Spreading positivity around you and your world with the righteous gemstones is possible with our 50 years of experience in this field by our director. We create an impact on your life with our craftsmanship making everyone who see it look back again for the design.

All that you can get if you visit us are the original gemstone, dazzling diamonds, bright, bold and grandiose temple jewellery, bridal jewellery wardrobe, Jewellery that suit business women or ultra modern women which enhances their beauty more in-line with their thoughts. We are there to transform your ideas into jewels. We have always been a unique person’s choice and so yours too!

Jewel that you wear gives confidence to you. Our nature is to revolutionize and blend with the trend. If you want to be trendy, then you have landed in the right place where we have craftsmen who work towards driving the future of jewels. Walk with us to frame the future of jewellery. The aura that you carry with our jewels will be the most noted.

Just visit our eye-catching gallery to have a look at the gorgeous pieces of jewellery and you will know why ladies choose Abiraame Jewellers.

How we got here?

The soul of Abiraame is Mr. Palaniappan who came to Singapore for his higher studies from India in 1951. His hard work in a jewellery shop for 19 years earned him a partnership there until which he did not mind doing many odd jobs to earn his living. He soon earned his name in the famous Tekka Bazaar as a prominent jeweler.

In 1968, he formed his own venture Dickson Goldsmiths, specialising in gemstones and later branched out into Gold and Diamond Jewellery in the name of Abiraame Jewellers. Today the entire family of Mr Palaniappan is involved in the jewellery business with him by shouldering various responsibilities.

Our secret is the ability to build friendly relationships with many families through generations. We always foresee the trends and introduce new designs just in time. Our handpicked fashionable and traditional ethnic jewellery brings smiles to ladies of any age group!