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Choker Necklace

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KRITI NECKLACE - க்ரித்தி அட்டிகை

Kriti means ‘work of art or one who is the winner’

            A perfect choice for your bridal trousseau!  Wedding jewelry is always special but isn’t it tough to choose from thousands of designs?  Especially in the case of a choker necklace as you can wear only one on your dream day, you will think of being more careful in choosing it right?  You can neither pick something that is outdated not out of fashion.  This gold choker necklace is a lavishing piece of art that is in trend,    fashion and poise with the qualities of a confident woman and if you pick a choker set with earrings then it is perfect for your wedding.

            When pearl choker, diamond choker or traditional gold choker designs are boring, this one with tiny stones and mango design will be a right pick.  Even after your wedding is over when you wish to get dressed impeccably for a party or look glamorous with a one-piece outfit then this gold choker design would serve as a suitable accessory and would gain you the right kind of attention you need as a newly wedded bride. 


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