Enamel Beaded Gold Chain Or Necklace

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ABINA ENAMEL NECKLACE / CHAIN – அபினா எனாமல் அட்டிகை / சங்கிலி

Abina means ‘Cute’

            A simple enamel beaded necklace with alternate blue and light rose colored stones which is most suitable for those young ladies out there who are the true fashionista and they can rock by pairing it with their blue jeans and a black shirt.  Even those home makers out there who prefer to add on a simple chain along with their mangalsutra and project friendly, elegant, charming attire can order it online and put a bang on accessory which will make their friends envy this Maha Navratri or for any special festivals or occasions they visit.

            Prefer the true, certified, premium quality and experienced jewellers like us who are the best dealers of gold chain Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers.  Whether you choose to wear this as a chain or necklace is left up to your dressing sense.  You can pin it up behind and make it like a choker or use it like a long chain as per your choice!  A multipurpose enamel beads filled gold necklace that is the most awesome and adorable piece crafted to perfection from the best gold jewellery artisans.  Don’t miss it!

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