Enamel Gold Necklace Designs

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Product Weight :14.35

HARMONY NECKLACE – ஹார்மோனி  (நல்லிணக்கம்) அட்டிகை

Harmony means ‘unity, a beautiful blending’

          Made in just less than 15 grams, adding beauty to the gold embellishments are the red, green and yellow stones, isn’t it?  It’s a big hit @ official meets or friends union with a modern twist to a native design!  The musical melody you hear from this is keep you serene and calm throughout the day!  Buy online gold from Abiraame Jewellers and ensure safe delivery always!

          Do you wish to own a striking statement necklace yet simple and sleek from the best online gold shop singapore?  Then this suits your criteria!  A best party wear necklace from Abiraame Jewellers – The rated Indian Gold Jewellery Singapore! 

          Handcrafted, lovely, pretty, classy necklace that adorns your neckline even on a quotidian routine to make it extra-special and exceptional!  Specially designed and created by our craftsmen is this delicate filigree motif chain necklace which keep you looking more charming and elegant enhancing your style quotient.  It's a whimsical, edgy design with a fresh new look capturing your imagination.  We are sure you cannot even plan to say a NO to this!  Order online @ Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore to get it delivered at your doorstep!

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