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Floral Necklace

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NABHANYA NECKLACE - நபன்யா அட்டிகை

Nabhanya means ‘springing forth from the heavens, ethereal, celestial’

A contemporary floral necklace to add up more joy to your lush time with family and friends on grand occasions.  The natural touch to the design with flowers gives the right kind of rhythm and beauty when you wear it on your neckline with a silk sari.  South Indian women will like such stunner pieces to be a part of their bridal jewellery and wear it as a new bride to rock the event which they attend following the wedding. 

Wearing a flower pendant itself accumulates more joy on to your loved one’s face, but if you gift her an exquisite flower jewellery design, just imagine how much she would be happy.  The golden flowers look more beautiful than the newly blossomed flowers as they last longer than the real ones without withering off.  Purchase this lovely flower gold necklace which can be your favorite bridal necklace online at right prices from AJS. 

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