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Flower Chain Necklace

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THOORIGA NECKLACE - தூரிகா அட்டிகை

Thooriga means ‘a small shell or a kind of swing’

            A stunning floral fiesta to enliven your beauty even further!  It’s the best flower necklace to choose for your “Sangeet - the musical night on the day before your wedding when both the families celebrate the bonding”.  Every woman’s hot favourite is floral motifs, be it completely flowers or a flower leaf necklace which seems like the golden garden bloomed on their neckline and gains the complete attention of people around her.  

            Connecting to mother nature through the flower power gives a calm and serene effect in your lives.  Floral inspirations in jewellery have been existing from ages together.  It’s a creative, unique flower necklace design which looks charming on everyone.  Flower pendants help to tell stories on your jewels and give you a colorful takeaway many times with enamel or stones engraved on it.


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