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Green Stone Necklace Designs

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AABHARANA NECKLACE - ஆபரணா அட்டிகை

Aabharana means ‘jewel’

            A fashionable green crystal stone necklace design that is perfect to be worn during weddings.  Gold jewellery fashion and trend may keep changing but this is a timeless design that is suitable for the women of today.  Green is the color of nature and it goes well with all silk, banarasi and normal cotton of chiffon sarees.  It is the color of positivity and represents life, energy and youth which also incorporates warm and cold shades.  In that six-yard staple of Indian women you will look more gorgeous with this green stone necklace.  Order online @ Abiraame Jewellers.  

            Even your emerald necklace will wait in queue when this wonder-filled green stone necklace will find its place in your little heart and neckline at ease.  The cost is comparatively cheaper and the best when you buy from AJS.  Give it a try and come back for more.


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