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SHAMMU NECKLACE – ஷம்மு அட்டிகை

Shammu means ‘nice heart’

            Like how every bride has her delighting memories to share with about every single jewellery she wears, there are stories the bridesmaid or even we would like to share as being the guest of a wedding.  Don’t you feel this gold necklace new design is one that you can boast of owning in a wedding and wearing it with a flaunting tendency amidst your peer group. 

            Similar to the evolution of bridal designs where two souls meet to make a heartfelt commitment, the guests also prefer to wear gold necklaces in latest designs to the weddings with those fancy embroidered blouses and pretty silk sarees.  You need to give a little thought while selecting premium gold necklace designs in new models as they are going to be your treasured ownings forever.  Even passed on to the next generation as a heirloom jewellery.  Order online from Abiraame Jewellers.

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