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GAYATHRI NECKLACE - காயத்ரி அட்டிகை

Gayathri means ‘goddess of the vedas’

            The most buzzing word in jewellery collections is “Mandala”, a Sanskrit word which means circle.  Why not own one design of time as a necklace set to style up yourself?  A simply curious jewellery with intricate concentric circles and tiny flowers engraved on it is the most demanded necklace design in gold.  Along with the filigree designs the multicolor enamel makes this wedding gold necklace design look just fabulous. 

            The circular pendant of this gold choker design indicates that life is never-ending and helps you stay connected at all ends without discrimination.  Circle is the only geometrical figure which signifies completeness, wholeness and oneness and round pendants for necklaces are mostly preferred in recent days.  Order online a gold necklace set that is delicately hand-crafted in 22k yellow gold and let the true positive energy resonate from within you. 

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