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Pink And White Stone Necklace Set

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MANICHIGAI NECKLACE SET - மணிச்சிகை அட்டிகை மற்றும்

Manichigai means ‘beautiful flower’

            Don’t you feel this breathtaking designer wears jewellery suits today’s women folks perfectly and satisfies their thirst for the best choker necklace set!  Perfect for all special occasions and has the quality to be a bridal necklace set.  Afire the bride’s look on both wedding or reception day!  

With the qualities of a jewel set for marriage this pink and white stone gold necklace will amplify your beauty in photographs.  Be it selfies or a professional photography session, you will look just awesome in it with this kind of stone jewellery - necklace set, choker set or pendant set; accompanied by your traditional dresses. 


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